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Daihatsu Sigra 2022 Price in IDR

SIGRA 1.0 D MT MC 150,050,000
SIGRA 1.0 M MT MC 162,450,000
SIGRA 1.2 X MT MC 167,200,000
SIGRA 1.2 X MT DLX MC 172,800,000
SIGRA 1.2 X AT MC 180,500,000
SIGRA 1.2 X AT DLX MC 186,000,000
SIGRA 1.2 R MT MC 173,900,000
SIGRA 1.2 R MT DLX MC 177,700,000
SIGRA 1.2 R AT MC 188,700,000
SIGRA 1.2 R AT DLX MC 192,500,000




The 2022 Daihatsu Sigra is an LCGC car that is very affordable and fits the budget of many people. It also comes in various colours, so buyers can choose one that matches their personality and preferences.

This LCGC vehicle is available in two types of engines. Each has a different engine capacity, but both offer excellent performance.


The Daihatsu Sigra is a family car that has been adapted to Indonesian road conditions. Its features include an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and safety features. It is also a competitive price and has a large fuel economy.

The car was previewed by the UFC, UFC 2 and UFC 3 concept cars, and its production model was unveiled at the 24th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show in August 2016. It is assembled in Karawang and has a claimed localisation level of 94%. It competes with the Toyota Calya in the LCGC MPV segment.

Daihatsu Sigra is based on the lengthened Ayla platform and was designed to meet the needs of Indonesian families. The small MPV is built to comply with the LCGC program that abolishes luxury goods tax on economical cars. Its front fascia was redesigned to differentiate it from the Toyota Calya, its rival in the market. The car is available in two variants and seven colours.


The new Daihatsu Sigra is available in a total of 20 variants. It has a petrol engine and offers both manual and automatic transmission options. It has a wheelbase of 2525 mm and a ground clearance of 180 mm. The car is also provided with various safety features like Airbags, Crash Sensors and ESP.

The New Sigra is available in a variety of colour options, including Abu-abu tua (Dark Grey Metallic), Putih (Icy White Solid), Hitam (Ultra Black Solid) and Silver (Glittering Silver Metallic). Its interiors have a stylish and elegant design that gives it a premium look.

Moreover, it has been offered various entertainment options such as an audio system and air conditioner. The car is a perfect choice for those who want to buy a new MPV at an affordable price. The Sigra has received many positive customer feedback and is one of the best-selling vehicles in Indonesia.


If you are looking for a small MPV with three-row seating, the Sigra is an excellent choice. This vehicle comes with a powerful engine and is easy to drive. It is also very economical, making it a remarkable option for families.

The Sigra has various modern features that enhance its “kenyamanan and kepraktisan”. These include AC, power windows, audio system, and other amenities. However, this car has its pitfalls. Some of these pitfalls include limited cargo space and poor fuel economy.

The Sigra has various colours and options, including a five-speed automatic transmission. It is also available with a front-mounted engine, delivering power through to the front wheels. This engine is a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder dual overhead camshaft petrol unit. The unit has four valves per cylinder, producing 87 horsepower and 108 Nm of torque. It also features a variable-vane timing system and a multi-point injection system.


The newest 2022 Daihatsu Sigra offers safety features to help you feel confident on the road. The car has an ABS brake system and dual airbags to protect you and your passengers. In addition, it also has a rear parking sensor to make driving more convenient.

The new model is designed to meet the market’s demands for affordable three-row MPVs in Indonesia. It is based on the lengthened version of Ayla’s platform and is positioned below the Xenia in the Daihatsu lineup. It is a low-cost green car (LCGC) that meets the local fuel economy standard.

Besides the Sigra, Daihatsu also sells many other models in the country, including the Xenia and Terios. These models are expected to continue to drive sales in the coming years. This will help Daihatsu maintain its position as the second-largest car manufacturer in the country. In addition, the company plans to launch more new products in the future.


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