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Daihatsu ROCKY Price in IDR

ROCKY 1.2 M MT 219,550,000
ROCKY 1.2 M CVT 237,450,000
ROCKY 1.2 X MT 233,650,000
ROCKY 1.2 X MT ADS 241,750,000
ROCKY 1.2 X MT SC 235,150,000
ROCKY 1.2 X MT ADS SC 243,250,000
ROCKY 1.2 X CVT 251,550,000
ROCKY 1.2 X MT ADS 259,650,000
ROCKY 1.2 X CVT 253,050,000
ROCKY 1.2 X CVT ADS 261,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT 256,550,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT SC 258,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT TWO TONE 259,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT TWO TONE SC 260,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT ADS 264,650,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT ADS SC 266,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT ADS TWO TONE 267,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC MT ADS TWO TONE SC 268,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT 271,550,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT SC 273,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT TWO TONE 274,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT TWO TONE SC 275,050,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ADS 279,650,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ADS SC 281,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ADS TWO TONE 282,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ADS TWO TONE SC 283,150,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ASA 281,450,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ASA SC 282,950,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVT ASA TWO TONE 283,950,000
ROCKY 1.0 R TC CVF ASA TWO TONE SC 284,950,000




Daihatsu Rocky: A Compact Powerhouse for the Urban Explorer

Dive into urban driving and off-road adventures with the Daihatsu Rocky—a vehicle that harmoniously blends agility, affordability, and advanced technology. Designed with attention to detail for value-conscious drivers and city navigators, the Rocky redefines what you can expect from a compact SUV.

Key Features:

Powerful Engine: Under the hood of every Daihatsu Rocky, revs an efficient turbocharged engine ready to deliver exhilarating power while maintaining impressive fuel economy. This balance ensures you are not constantly searching for the next gas station but enjoying the drive and the savings.

Maneuverability: Whether it’s tight parking spots in the city or navigating tricky paths during an escape to the countryside, Rocky’s exceptional maneuverability makes it the perfect companion for urban jungles and rugged landscapes. Its compact size and responsive steering give you the confidence to take on any road.

Technology: The Rocky is equipped with advanced technology to enhance your driving experience. Features such as a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and rearview camera make every trip more convenient and enjoyable.

Safety: Safety is a top priority for Daihatsu, and the Rocky is no exception. You can feel confident and protected on any journey with features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

The Rocky Experience:

Driving the Daihatsu Rocky is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression. From its sleek design to its comfortable interior, every detail has been carefully crafted for your

Uncompromised Safety: With a suite of cutting-edge safety features, the Daihatsu Rocky is designed to keep you secure. Advanced driver-assistance systems work tirelessly to provide peace of mind, ensuring a safer ride for you and your loved ones.

Innovative Technology: The Daihatsu Rocky is outfitted with the latest tech amenities, including a user-friendly infotainment system that keeps you connected on the go. With smartphone integration, you can seamlessly access your music, navigation, and contacts without taking your eyes off the road. This intelligent SUV also includes keyless entry and an ignition system, putting convenience at your fingertips.

Affordable Quality: Daihatsu respects your budget without compromising the essential perks of a dependable vehicle. In the Rocky, premium features meet an unbeatable price point, offering a smart choice for the cost-aware driver who refuses to settle.

Perfect For:

  • Urban commuters seeking a reliable, cost-effective mode of transport.
  • Thrill-seekers who demand a vehicle that can handle the demands of off-road terrain without breaking the bank.
  • First-time car buyers are looking for a trustworthy and economical option.

Embrace the road ahead confidently in the Daihatsu Rocky, where innovation, affordability, and security converge. Experience the joy and freedom of owning a vehicle that caters to both your financial sensibilities and your desire for fun and adventure. Visit a Daihatsu dealer today and discover why the Rocky is preferred for discerning drivers worldwide.


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