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Anglia Car Auctions: A Detailed Review

anglia car auctions

There are several advantages to selling your car at auction. In addition to saving on advertising costs, it saves time handling money and dealing with enquiries. In addition, ACA can store and help you fetch your vehicle if needed.

Family-run Anglia Car Auctions offers modern second-hand car auctions weekly. These auctions are open to the public.

It is a family-run business

Anglia is a family-run business with many long-standing staff members. Its headquarters is on the Cattlemarket industrial estate in King’s Lynn, and it supports the local Lennox Children’s, Cancer Fund. It has also been named East & East Anglia Family Business of the Year.

anglia car auctions family business

Anglia is the place to go whether you’re looking to buy or sell. Their auctions feature modern second-hand vehicles and classic cars offered by motor trade professionals, collectors, and private individuals. They provide both online and in-person bidding.

If you’re a seller, you must submit your vehicle’s entry form at least two weeks before the sale. You’ll also need a photocopy of your driver’s license and a copy of your car’s V5. You’ll need to provide additional information such as service history or other documents if the vehicle has been in long-term single ownership and its general condition.

Once you’ve submitted your entry, the auctioneers will contact you with an agreement. If you disagree, the entry fee will be refunded. Payment is usually made by the second Thursday following the sale, but bank payments can be arranged.

Anglia Car Auctions offers a wide range of vehicles

anglia car auctions offering

Whether buying or selling, a Classic Car Auction offers the perfect platform. Not only do you get to see the vehicles in person, but they also allow you to chat with other buyers and sellers. You’ll be able to find the best deal on a new or used vehicle.

ACA’s premises are located on the Cattlemarket in the Hardwick Narrows Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn. It is a family-run business founded in 1995. Its sales include modern second-hand vehicles, classic cars and motorbikes offered by the motor trade and collectors.

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Entry into a sale costs PS75 (inc VAT) for modern vehicles and PS150 for classics. This price includes a valet, and the company will store your car for up to two weeks after the sale if you need it. They can also help you fetch and prepare your vehicle for sale. They will send you a cheque payment by the second Thursday after the sale, assuming the buyer has made full settlement. Bank payments can also be arranged.

Anglia is located in King’s Lynn

king's lynn illustration
King’s Lynn illustration

Anglia Car Auctions is located in King’s Lynn and was founded almost 30 years ago. It is a family-run business that provides a friendly and professional customer service. The company specializes in modern second-hand vehicles and classic cars. Moreover, the company also sells motorbikes and other commercial vehicles.

The company’s auctions take place every Saturday and Sunday. They offer both online and live bidding. The auctions include all the usual elements of an auction, including the hammer price and buyer’s premium. If you’re planning on buying a vehicle, be sure to check the details carefully and plan ahead.

You can get to Anglia Car Auctions by bus or train. Use Moovit to find the best route and time. You can also see how far it is from your home to Anglia Car Auctions. Moovit has all your public transit options in one app, making it easy to make travel plans in real-time.

It is open to the public

public illustration
Public illustration

The Anglia car auction is open to the public and is a great way to find a classic car that fits your budget. In addition to cars, the auction also sells a variety of automobiles and motorcycles. It is essential to read the terms and conditions before bidding, as they will be binding on both the vendor and purchaser. If you have any questions, contact the auctioneers directly.

If you are a vendor, inspecting your vehicle before submitting an entry form is advisable. You can do this in person or by email. The auctioneers will require a full V5, service history, and a description of the car’s condition. ACA will then give you an estimate of what you could achieve for your car.

When you make a winning bid, you will receive an invoice showing the total price, including the hammer price of the vehicle and the buyer’s premium. You must pay this in full by bank transfer; details are on the invoice by Wednesday following the sale. You can also register to place a commission bid online or by phone.

Anglia Car Auctions (ACA) holds five auction sales per year at its site in King’s Lynn and offers a service for storage and fettling vehicles. The car entry fee is PS75 (+vat), which includes a valet. If your vehicle is not sold, ACA will store it for up to two weeks and return it to you. They will charge a storage fee if you do not remove the car within this period. Alternatively, they can arrange for it to be re-offered at the next auction.

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